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Dr Michael De Silva Lecturer, Human Physiology, Physiology Anatomy & Microbiology

Dr Michael De Silva completed his PhD in 2011 in the Department of Pharmacology at Monash University. In 2012, he was awarded an NHMRC CJ Martin Early Career Fellowship to conduct postdoctoral research at the University of Iowa (USA). There he gained expertise in the study of the cerebral microcirculation. In 2015, he returned to Australia and joined the Vascular Biology and Immunopharmacology Group (VBIG) headed by Professor’s Chris Sobey and Grant Drummond.

Michael has published a number of papers in prestigious journals including Hypertension, Stroke and The British Journal of Pharmacology. He has also received recognition for his work including awards from the American Heart Association, American Physiological Society and the Australian Foundation for High Blood Pressure Research.

His current research interests include examining the effect of cardiovascular diseases (such as stroke and hypertension) on neurological outcomes and the regulation of cerebral microvascular function.


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