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Professor Matthew Groves Professor, Law Melbourne

I joined La Trobe University in late 2016. Prior to that, I worked at Monash University for 15 years and before that I worked in a range of roles in government and the legal profession. I am a member of the Australian Academy of Law.

My research work is mostly centred on administrative law, which is the body of law about the making and review of government decision making. I mainly research in judicial review and am co-author of the leading Australian work in the field - M Aronson, M Groves & G Weeks, Judicial Review of Administrative Action and Government Liability (6th edition, 2017, Thomson Reuters). I have also edited several books on administrative law and written over 50 journal articles on the area. My recent other books include M Groves & G Weeks (eds), Legitimate Expectations in the Common Law World (2017, Hart Publishing) and M Groves (ed) Modern Administrative Law (Cambridge University Press, 2014).

My other recent books are D Meagher & M Groves, The Principle of Legality in Australia and New Zealand (2017, Federation Press) [this is the first detailed study of an important interpretive principle of our public law] and M Groves and C Campbell (eds), Australian Charters of Rights (2017, Federation Press) [an edited book that examines aspects of the Victorian and ACT Charters of Rights]. The books I will publish in the near future are R Creyke, J McMillan, M Smyth and M Groves, Control of Government Action (5th edition, 2018) [this is the leading Australian casebook of the area], G Weeks and M Groves, Administrative Redress Inside and Outside the Courts (2018, Federation Press) [this book of papers analyses contemporary administrative law issues] M Groves, D Meagher and J Boughey (eds), The Legal Protection of Rights in Australia (Hart Publishing, 2019) [this books examines how Australia's public law framework protects rights]. I am also undertaking comparative work on Australian judicial review and fairness in government decision making.

Another part of my research work is military law. The most recent part of this work was my recent book A Duxbury & M Groves (eds), Military Justice in the Modern Age (Cambridge University Press).


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