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Dr Magda Karagiannakis Senior Lecturer, Law Melbourne

Dr. Karagiannakis is an experienced international lawyer, barrister and academic who has investigated international crimes and appeared as counsel before a number of international courts. Her areas of expertise include international criminal law, public international law, and international human rights law. She has published scholarly works in various national and international journals and books on the practice of international courts including the ICC and on mental disorder and international criminal law. A third area of research focus is the subject of her doctoral research on the responsibility of corporate officials in international law for complicity international crimes. Her unique and rich experience in the research and practice of international criminal law combine to enhance the breadth and quality of her of her work.

Dr. Karagiannakis has been nominated by the Attorney General of Victoria and appointed by the Governor General in Counsel to membership of the Victorian Legal Admissions Board. This is a statutory body established under the Legal Profession Uniform Law which determines the eligibility and suitability of persons seeking admission as Australian Lawyers. In addition, it accredits academic law courses and practical legal training courses.

Dr. Karagiannakis is admitted as a barrister and solicitor in Victoria and Australia. She has been admitted to the List of Victims and Defence Counsel at the International Criminal Court. She has acted as counsel in national and international cases including appearing as prosecuting counsel in the first successful prosecution for genocide in Europe by an international criminal court (Prosecutor v Krstic, International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia). She was advocate and counsel before the International Court of Justice for the Bosnian state in its action against Serbia and Montenegro for breaches of the Genocide Convention. In addition, she was a member of the defence team for Charles Taylor, the former President of Liberia, in his appeal against conviction and sentence for crimes against humanity before the Special Court for Sierra Leone. She has acted as a senior legal advisor and investigator to the UN Inquiry into the assassination of the former Lebanese Prime Minister and 14 other cases concerning political assassinations and terrorism in Lebanon (UNIIIC). In addition she has been engaged in or advised upon investigations into alleged international crimes in Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Syria.

Dr. Karagiannakis has consulted and trained judges, prosecutors, defence counsel, police, prison officers and NGO personnel for national, international and non-governmental organisations in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. These consultancies including training judges and defence counsel at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia


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