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Dr Michael Walker Academic, Office of Molecular Sci

I study quantitative molecular modelling and drug design, as part of the Smith Laboratory in the school of physics and chemistry at La Trobe University.

My original training was in theoretical particle physics, with my doctoral thesis adapting non-perturbative methods to supersymmetric theories. My first postdoc positions were in South Korea (SNU) and Japan (Chiba University) studying the stability of monopoles in quantum chromodynamics. I also lectured in Physics and Mathematics for two years (Kyung Hee University). Since then I studied Computational Biology, especially hormone transport and vascularization of the floral meristem (Virtual Plants, France) and ion transport through channels in cell membranes (ANU). Most recently I did an MPhil in Bioinformatics (University of Melbourne) deriving Bayesian networks of the contributing factors to childhood asthma and identifying subtypes from their predictive variables.


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