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Dr Matthew Meredith-Williams Lecturer - Archaeology, Archaeology

I am a Lecturer in Archaeology, specialising in the emergence and dispersal of Pleistocene hominins, and associated human-environmental interactions. This research builds on skills developed over the past twenty years in both the commercial and academic sectors, in Landscape and Environmental Archaeology, and Geoarchaeology. I am an active member of the LTU Palaeosciences Labs, managing the Ancient Environments (pollen & charcoal) Lab. In the field I specialise in the use of total station, DGPS, 3D photogrammetry, environmental and organic sample recovery and I am currently co-CI on the Amanzi Springs Middle Stone Age site - which is one of the oldest sites in the world to have organic preservation. In Oman I am investigating evidence of hominin Pleistocene dispersals and the changes in stone tool technology associated with these. Closer to home I am engaged in a community-led archaeology with local Registered Aboriginal Parties.


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