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Associate Professor Michael Dillon Head of Dept, Physio, Pod, Prosth&Ortho, Off Allied Hlth,Human Svc&Sport

Dr. Michael Dillon is an Associate Professor in Prosthetics and Orthotics, and currently serves as the Associate Head, School of Allied Health, Human Services, and Sports at La Trobe University.

Dr. Dillon has worked as an academic at La Trobe University for 15 years following his initial academic appointment at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. With expertise in transfemoral prosthetics and in particular, ischial containment socket designs, Dr. Dillon has taught this clinical speciality to undergraduates and experienced clinicians both in Australia and abroad. Dr. Dillon has previously worked in interim prosthetic programs and private practice. In recent years, Dr. Dillon has taught evidence based practice and research subjects with the view to develop informed consumers of research evidence as well as facilitate orthotists and prosthetists to conduct research in clinical practice.

Dr. Dillon's research has made important contributions to our understanding of the epidemiology of limb loss, outcomes after lower limb amputation, and the effect of prosthetic intervention. In recent years, Dr. Dillon has led a small team to develop shared decision making resources to help inform difficult decisions about lower limb amputation.

Dr. Dillon currently serves as an Editor-in-Chief for the journal, Prosthetics and Orthotics International.

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