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Dr Michael O'Keefe Senior Lecturer, Politics

Dr Michael O’Keefe is Director of the Master of International Relations at La Trobe University. Michael's research interests focus on Australian Foreign Policy, Pacific Foreign Policies (especially Fiji), Pacific Regionalism, and new forms of insecurity in relation to state fragility and epidemic diseases. Current projects focus on Australia’s ‘Step up’ in the Pacific, Fiji’s peacekeeping strategy and military diplomacy. He undertakes a wide range of consultancies in the Pacific and has taught in Fiji and Japan.

Michael features regularly in media such as the ABC's 7.30 Report, ABC Insiders, ABC 774, CNN, Radio National, 3CR, ABC.net, New Matilda, etc. Michael's commentary has also appeared in outlets such as The Age, The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, Islands Business, Fiji Sun and Fiji Times.