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Dr Mandy Ruddock-Hudson Lecturer, Public Health, Rehabilitation Counselling

Mandy is a Lecturer in the School of Psychology and Public Health in the College of Science, Health and Engineering. Mandy is a member of La Trobe Centre for Sport and Social Impact and La Trobe University Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Research Focus Area. Mandy is an accomplished Early Career Research (ECR) who has been successful in attracting research grants and conducting research with La Trobe University partners. She has an outstanding reputation in the elite sporting domain and strongly promotes the goal of La Trobe University becoming the leading Sport University in the nation. Mandy's academic training has focused on the area of Public Health and Health Psychology. Mandy has a wide range of research interests and is most passionate about athlete and coach wellbeing in sport, the physical and psychological aspects of sport rehabilitation and participation, psychosocial factors that influence sport, mood disturbances, social support and the health benefits of sport participation. Other areas of interest relate to health, physical activity and alternate therapies. Mandy has expertise in project development, research design, participant recruitment and qualitative methodologies.


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