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Dr Marija Tabain Professor, Linguistics

My research is in articulatory and acoustic phonetics, and my work has focussed on many different languages, including the European languages English, French and Russian and the Australian languages Arrernte, Pitjantjatjara, Warlpiri, Yanyuwa and Yindjibarndi. More recently I have also worked on languages of Africa and Asia - Goemai, Makasar, Lisu, Kannada and Malayalam. I am currently a member of the Permanent Council of the International Phonetic Association, and also of the Australian Research Council College of Experts. I have also served on the executive of the Australasian Speech Science and Technology Association.

I arrived at LaTrobe in 2005, following postdoctoral positions at the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble in France at the University of California, Santa Cruz and at Western Sydney University. Prior to that I completed undergraduate degrees in music (pianoforte), modern languages (French, Italian and Russian) and linguistics at the University of Melbourne. I did my postgraduate training in phonetics at Macquarie University.


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