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Professor Magnus Tideman Adjunct Prof, Off Allied Hlth,Human Svc&Sport

The purpose of Professor Magnus Tidemans' research is to identify, analyse and critically examine the relationship between society's welfare system and people's every-day lives and living conditions. A particular focus is to highlight and analyse the marginalised perspectives. Close cooperation and collaboration with authorities, organisations, service-users and professionals has been since the start an important task and feature in Tidemans' research.

The research takes up how changes in the welfare state affect vulnerable people, like children and adults with disability. In particular the focus in later years has been on young adults with intellectual disability and their struggles to exert increased influence over their situation and to participate more fully in society. Other research areas are the social construction of normality and deviance in school, self-advocacy, supported decision-making and transition from school to adulthood.

As Professor, Tideman seeks to stimulate multi-disciplinary initiatives. In order to obtain a holistic picture of a phenomena there is need for collaborations bridging traditional academic disciplinary boundaries. Interdisciplinary research provides several dimensions, including subtle nuances and a more in-depth, sustainable knowledge. Tideman has extensive experiences of leading multi-disciplinary research teams.

Tideman was born in 1959 in Helsingborg, in the south of Sweden. He graduated from the School of Social Work at Lund University, Sweden, in 1982 and worked as Social Worker, Director and Project Manager within the public sector from 1983 to 1992. Tideman completed his PhD in Social Work at the University of Gothenburg in 2000 was promoted as Ass. Professor of Social Work 2006 and took on a chair as Professor of Disability Studies with focus on Social Work 2in 008 at Halmstad University. He has been visiting professor at Malmoe University, Sweden and adjunct professor at La Trobe University, and is Professor of Social Work at La Trobe University since February 2017.


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