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Dr Neil Murray Academic, Ecology, Environment & Evolution

I became interested in ecological genetics and evolution while doing my BSc at the University of Sydney. This was not difficult as I lived surrounded by an exuberance of diverse, and diversely coloured, marine and terrestrial invertebrates including striking examples of insect mimicry. I pursued this field of research in my Ph.D. via genetic and ecological studies on natural selection in native beetles, also at Sydney. Another consequence of growing up on the urban fringe was a growing awareness of the continual loss of native species and local populations. I think that these experiences have combined in my long-term commitment both to understand the complex and continuing processes that affect gene pools and genetic change in the real world, and to apply this understanding to the management of natural populations, principally for conservation. I have spent most of my professional life at La Trobe, with periods at the University of Liverpool, U.K., and the University of British Columbia, Canada. I have been a member of several threatened species Recovery Teams, and was the first Convenor of the Victorian Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act's Scientific Advisory Committee.


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