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Dr Naomi Hackworth Adjunct Research Fellow, Judith Lumley Centre

Naomi is a Senior Research Fellow in the Transition to Contemporary Parenthood Program at the Judith Lumley Centre and has over 10 years experience in research, evaluation and knowledge translation. She is experienced in community consultation, and co-production of resources and programs - particularly in the Maternal and Child Health and supported playgroups sectors. Naomi has considerable experience in the implementation of complex parent interventions and research trials.

Naomi is a Chief Investigator on an NHMRC funded project which aims to reduce the impact of early life disadvantage on child development via the home learning environment and an invited investigator in the NHMRC funded Centre of Research Excellence in Child Language. She is also an Investigator in a number of research projects relating to the psychosocial influences on parenting, early childhood development, child and adolescent chronic health, and engagement of vulnerable families in face to face and online interventions. Naomi is a psychologist with clinical experience working with children with complex needs and their parents and is the former content manager of the Raising Children network.


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