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Dr Nancy Sadka OTARC Research Officer, Autism Research Centre

Dr Nancy Sadka is a Research Officer in the early identification and diagnosis of ASD. Her research was primarily focused on cognitive and curriculum development but then she developed a passion for and an interest in autism.

Dr Sadka gained her Bachelor of Arts in Human Development (Early Childhood Education) with Distinction from the Lebanese American University. She went on to receive a scholarship to study in the United States where she received her Masters and PhD from Bob Jones University in the areas of Cognitive Development and Curriculum Instruction. She has two minors in graduate Theology and Psychology and is fluent in French, Arabic, and American Sign Language.

Dr Sadka lectured on the subject of play and early development at the graduate department of the University of South Carolina and the subject of creative dramatics and learning at the Lebanese American University. She has a passion in research on ASD where this research can be translated into the community to help support parents and carers of people with ASD across the life span. She serves on several boards in the community for strategic planning and implementations of support for people with disabilities.