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Dr Nicholas Uren Academic, Animal Plant & Soil Sciences

Nick Uren is an experienced soil scientist whose qualifications are in Agricultural Science and Soil Chemistry from the University of Melbourne. He specializes in matters relating to the role of soils in relation to plant growth and the environment as well as the rhizosphere of soil grown plants. He is particularly experienced in (a) matters relating to the behaviour of trace elements in soils and their role in the nutrition of agricultural and horticultural crops, (b) in the assessment and amelioration of soils contaminated with heavy metals and pesticides, and (c) in the role of soil in natural resource management. He has consulted with clients on briefs in many areas of soil use and management including aspects of soil contamination (heavy metals and pesticides), fertilisers, water quality, turf management, soil quality and soil fertility. Recent work has involved the development of sustainable food production systems for remote Aboriginal communities, the cause of Mundulla Yellows, nutritional aspects of dune chronosequences on the Swan Coastal Plain WA, and the role of calcium oxalate in plants and soils in the cycling of calcium in alpine ash forests.


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