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Dr Peter Pridmore Adjunct Research Fellow, Ecology, Environment & Evolution

In the past two decades he has been involved in studies of the aerial capabilities of the feathertail glider (Acrobates pygmaeus) and some members of the genus Petaurus, of the swimming and sensory abilities of fossil and living lungfishes, of the affinities of conodonts, of the fossil remains of the Pleistocene giant rat-kangaroo (Propleopus oscillans), of the climbing abilities of living dasyurid marsupials, of the feeding and locomotor behaviour of Murray-Darling Basin fishes, and of the ecology of Victorian wild dogs, and involved in the analysis of a Cretaceous humerus, which is evidently that of a stem-group monotreme.
Aside from a strong interest in the functional morphology of vertebrates, he maintains interests in the origins and evolution of vertebrates and in the flora of Australia and New Guinea.


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