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Associate Professor Philip Bowman Adjunct Associate Professor, Dep AppliedSystem Biology

Dr Phil Bowman is a Senior Research Fellow with the School of Applied Systems Biology and Senior Research Scientist in Computational Biology with Agriculture Victoria’s Biosciences Research branch, based at AgriBio. He undertakes research in the fields of genetics and genomics with the aim of developing new and more accurate breeding values for use in improving the genetic merit of farm animals.

Phil was the principal developer of the genetic evaluation system that is currently used by the Australian Dairy Herd Improvement Scheme. He has been responsible for significant advances in genomics research, including the development and implementation of innovative methods of predicting genomic breeding values, development and application of leading edge algorithms and software for use in genomic analysis and the design and implementation of advanced scientific computing capabilities to support genomic research.

Phil’s research over more than three decades has provided important benefits to the sheep and dairy industries, and has incorporated climate science, agricultural economics, statistics and systems biology.


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