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Associate Professor Phillip Edwards Associate Professor, Archaeology, Archaeology

Dr Phillip Edwards is an Associate Professor in Archaeology at La Trobe University. Dr Edwards' research interests include developments in the Levant during the Pleistocene and in the origins of farming and sedentary life. Dr Edwards has specialised in the East Jordan Valley (in Jordan) for the past thirty years, working on a series of Lower, Middle, Upper and Epipalaeolithic, and Neolithic sites. He has recently finalised the publication of an important Ice Age village site: Wadi Hammeh 27: an Early Natufian settlement at Pella in Jordan, and is currently Chief Investigator on the Australian Research Council-funded project 'Ice Age Villagers of the Levant: sedentism and social connections in the Natufian period.'

Postgraduate opportunities:
PhD topics are available on the lithic analysis of Lower Palaeolithic site Mashari'a 1, and residue analysis on the Epipalaeolithic site, Wadi Hammeh 26 [Kebaran period, 18,000 cal BP] for first-class honours candidates. Co-supervised research topics (with environmental geoscience) on the sedimentology and site formation processes of Middle Palaeolithic open sites, and the geomorphology of the Jordan Valley in the late Pleistocene, are also available to first-class honours candidates with qualifications in earth sciences.


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