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Professor Pamela Snow Prof, Educational Psychology - Cognitive, Education

Pamela is a registered psychologist, having qualified originally in speech pathology. Her research has been funded by nationally competitive schemes such as the ARC Discovery Program, ARC Linkage Program, and the Criminology Research Council, and spans various aspects of risk in childhood and adolescence, in particular: the oral language skills of high-risk young people (youth offenders and those in the state care system), and the role of oral language competence as an academic and mental health protective factor in childhood and adolescence; applying evidence in the language-to-literacy transition in the early years of school; and, linguistic aspects of investigative interviewing with children / adolescents as witnesses, suspects, victims in criminal investigations.

Pamela has taught a wide range of undergraduate health professionals, and also has experience in postgraduate teacher education. She has research links with the education, welfare and justice sectors, and her research has been published in a wide range of international journals. She is frequently called upon to address education, health, welfare, and forensic audiences. Pamela has over 150 publications, comprising refereed papers, book chapters, monographs and research reports.


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