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Dr Pam Delly Lecturer Learning Futures, Student Engagement

Pam worked as an educator in a variety of settings including: secondary, VET and higher education. Pam’s work has enabled her to engage with a broad range of students from a variety of cultural backgrounds, abilities and of ages and it is her commitment to facilitating their academic success that underpins her teaching. Meeting the needs of diverse student cohorts has been strength of her teaching and the focus of much of her research. Pam’s experience across three educational settings, working closely with students and teaching staff has informed her work in developing and implementing supports for students with a particular focus on embedding support within the curriculum in higher education. The main principle that underpins Pam’s pedagogy is that of transformational learning and this has been fundamental to her work in designing and developing curriculum, subjects, strategies and materials that enhance student learning and engagement in higher education.

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