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Associate Professor Patricia Fenner Associate Professor Art Therapy, Art Therapy

Patricia, a registered art therapist, is the Co-ordinator of the Master of Art Therapy in the Department of Counselling and Psychological Health. For over a decade she worked in the public mental health sector in psychiatric rehabilitation with a specialization in residential services, group work and group supervision. Patricia studied art therapy in Melbourne and Berlin and has worked with diverse populations. Initially an art teacher in secondary schools, she has also worked as a freelance community artist in Europe and Australia.

Patricia has research interests in both art therapy and the arts and health. Her research is focused largely around the role of art making and art therapy on the psychosocial impacts of health conditions and their treatment. Current and past research projects and publications include art making and mental health recovery, art therapy and cancer care, and the needs of carers of people living with cancer. Patricia embraces the perspective that art can play a variety of roles in health care with individuals, groups and communities.


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