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Dr Peter Kipka Lecturer Speech Pathology, Speech Pathology

As the linguist in the School, Dr Kipka has as his primary teaching and research responsibility the topic of the linguistics of normal and disordered communication. After completing undergraduate studies in mathematics, linguistics and Romance philology, Dr Kipka pursued his interest in the formal investigation of language by undertaking a PhD at MIT. His thesis, concentrating on Slavic aspect and its implications for Universal Grammar, was undertaken in an atmosphere of interaction between the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy and the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences. He has taught at several universities in the US and in Australia, principally in syntax, phonetics, phonology, morphology and formal semantics, but also in the areas of cognition, literacy and first language acquisition. At La Trobe, he continues to introduce speech pathology and audiology students to foundational concepts in grammar, phonetics and phonology, and to research the clinical implications of models of the language faculty.


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