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Professor Paul Gastin HoD Dietetics, Human Nutrition and Sport, Off Allied Hlth,Human Svc&Sport

Prof Paul Gastin is Head of Discipline – Sport and Exercise Science, a Fellow of ESSA, and a L2 Accredited Sports Scientist and High Performance Manager. Paul’s teaching and research focuses on innovation in sport science and coaching to enhance the performance of people and organisations across the sport participation spectrum. He has 30+ years' experience in education, research and high-performance sport. In addition to his work in academia, Paul has worked in Olympic/Paralympic and professional sport in Australia and overseas holding senior positions at the Victorian Institute of Sport, the UK Sports Institute and UK Sport, and consulting in Europe and Asia.

Key research areas:
• Athlete and soldier monitoring, including the quantification of load and its relationship with adaptation, recovery, wellbeing, injury and performance
• Athlete talent development and management across the participation spectrum
• Performance analysis, technology and sport data analytics

Collaboration, industry partnerships and multidisciplinary teams are a feature of Prof Gastin's research. In recent years he has partnered with the Australian Institute of Sport, the AFL and several of its clubs, Cricket Australia, Melbourne Rebels, and the Defence Science and Technology group.

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