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Dr Peter Cox Honorary Associate, Education School Operations

Peter Cox has worked as a secondary teacher and teacher educator since 1983. He has qualifications in Chemistry and Mathematics, Computing, and Education. He currently works part-time (0.7) as a lecturer in Science Education at La Trobe University Bendigo where he lectures in pedagogical and discipline subjects in science for primary and secondary pre-service teachers.

He is passionate about the role data (quantitative and qualitative) can play in informing teaching practise, educational policy and as a tool to improve student outcomes.

Peter believes strongly in the vital contribution women play in education, and since 1998 has been a part-time home-husband to enable his partner to work in teacher education.

Cox, P. (2005). Participation and Performance in Mathematics and Science: Gender Issues Revisited. Unpublished PhD Dissertation, La Trobe University.

This research examined gender and socio-economic differences in participation, performance and subject selection in Year 12 subjects at a single very large senior secondary college. This study used a blend of both quantitative and qualitative research methods (a mixed method approach) to address the diverse range of research questions. This research had significant findings regarding gender and socio-economic effects on subject selection and performance in schools.

I am now working on further papers and conference presentations from the PhD. I have also been disseminating the findings and implications of the research through invitations to present to a broad educational audience.


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