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Professor Paul Salzman Emeritus Professor, English

Paul has worked extensively in the areas of early modern (ie 16th- and 17th-Century) literature and Australian literature. He has done considerable practical and theoretical work in the area of scholarly editing, including four Oxford World's Classics editions, two on-line editions, and recent books on nineteenth and early twentieth century editors and on editing early modern women's writing. In the early modern field, he has published on women's writing, prose fiction, literary and cultural history, and the intersections between literature, society and politics. In the field of Australian literature Paul has published on modern fiction, including two co-written analyses of contemporary Australian fiction co-written with professor Ken Gelder of Melbourne University, and a book on Elizabeth Jolley. Current work includes further theoretical work on editing, early modern women's writing, and aspects of the Emmerson Collection in The State Library of Victoria.


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