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Professor Patrick Keyzer Research Professor,Law and Public Policy, Law School Operations

I have wide-ranging research interests in law and public policy.

Most of my work has explored issues relating to access to justice, constitutional law and disability law. I am also interested in how law and policy manage risks, and I have conducted research on this topic in a variety of different contexts.

I’ve been a lawyer for almost thirty years, mainly practising in constitutional law and human rights. I have chambers at Four Selborne Chambers in Sydney. I was recently appointed to the Queensland Parliament’s Human Rights Advisory Panel.

Recently I have:
• been working on a radio series about significant High Court decisions for ABC Radio National.
• completed a history of disability services in New South Wales with historian Matthew Richardson.
• joined the board of the MJD Foundation - the MJD Foundation works in partnership with Aboriginal Australians, their families and communities living with Machado-Joseph Disease to provide comprehensive supports and engage in research, providing hope for the future.
• agreed to write a sixth edition of my textbook, Principles of Constitutional Law.
• completed a collaborative research project exploring the ethics of using social media to conduct research and recruit research participants.
• been working with the Australia Indonesia Disability Research and Advocacy Network on a number of projects, including a training program for young disability advocates.
• made a submission with several colleagues to the Tasmanian Law Reform Institute’s review of the impact of social media on the courts.

In the last fifteen years my published work has become less frequently doctrinal and more frequently reliant on social scientific data collection (including focus groups, qualitative interviews and survey work).

I enjoy collaborative work and am happy to learn about new projects.

I am happy to discuss proposals for doctoral supervision in the areas identified above.


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