Effects of partial nephrectomy on postoperative blood pressure Academic Article uri icon


  • PURPOSE: The effects of partial nephrectomy (PN) on postoperative blood pressure (BP) are not known, and PN has the potential to worsen BP. We therefore sought to determine whether PN alters postoperative BP. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Patients who underwent PN for suspected malignancy at our institution from 2002 to 2008 were included. Data on BP and medication from before and after PN were retrieved from family physicians. BP and number of antihypertensive medications were compared after surgery with preoperative values by use of paired t tests and Chi-squared analyses, respectively. RESULTS: Of 74 patients undergoing PN and providing consent, 48 met the inclusion and exclusion criteria, with a median follow-up of 24 months. For the early postoperative period (1 month to 1 year after surgery), the mean BPs (132.3/77.0 mmHg) were unchanged compared with preoperative values (132.4/78.0 mmHg; p=0.59 systolic BP and p=0.30 diastolic BP). For the later postoperative period (beyond 1 year after surgery), the mean postoperative systolic BP was unchanged from the mean preoperative systolic BP (131.2 mmHg vs. 132.4 mmHg, respectively; p>0.30). However, the corresponding average diastolic BP was lower in the long term (78.0 mmHg versus 76.4 mmHg respectively; p=0.01). No significant difference in the mean number of BP medications prescribed preoperatively, at one year, and beyond one year was identified (p>0.37). CONCLUSIONS: PN does not result in initial or long-term postoperative deterioration in BP.

publication date

  • 2012