Peritoneal “pillowcase” for the displaced spleen post-distal pancreatectomy Academic Article uri icon


  • BACKGROUND PURPOSE: Spleen-preserving distal pancreatectomy, although rarely performed, has become an option for treatment of distal pancreatic neoplasms. However, the spleen, once mobilised, is often free to tort. A reliable method of fixing the spleen would be a useful adjunct to this procedure. METHODS: We describe the use of a new technique to fix the spleen using a peritoneal "pillowcase" to envelop the spleen, thus preventing its torsion. RESULTS: This patient has done well, with no problems encountered intraoperatively or postoperatively, using this new technique of spleen fixation. CONCLUSIONS: The use of a peritoneal "pillowcase" to envelope the spleen following distal pancreatectomy has proven a useful adjunct to this somewhat difficult surgical procedure. It may be applied in other cases where spleen fixation is necessary.

publication date

  • December 22, 2005