Abomasal Nematodes in Goats Slaughtered at Different Abattoir of Thakurgaon District, Bangladesh Academic Article uri icon


  • A study was carried out to estimate the prevalence, species composition and worm burden of abomasal nematodes of goats slaughtered at different abattoir of Thakurgaon district from November 2009 to April 2010. During the study period, 250 abomasum of goats were examined according to standard procedures. Two species of nematodes were identified in goats abomasum with an overall prevalence of 74.00% (n = 250). The specific prevalence rate for Haemonchus contortus (58.00%) was higher than Trichostrongylus axie (16.00%). In this study, prevalence of abomasal nematodes in relation to age, sex, breed and nutritional status of the goats were also observed. There was no statistically significant difference observed the risk factor sex in relation to the prevalence of abomasal nematodes. However, there was statistically significant difference (p < .001) observed among the risk factors (age, breed and nutritional status) in relation to the prevalence and worm count of two abomasal nematodes. In general, a high infection rate with abomasal nematodes was observed in goats during the study period. Findings suggested that higher worm burden per animal found in Haemochus contortus (6.02±0.0928) and lower in Trichostrongylus axie (0.04±0.14). From this study it was concluded that Haemochus contortus is more susceptible for geo-climatic condition in research area.  Keywords: Abomasal nematodes; Prevalence; Goats; Thakurgaon.  © 2012 JSR Publications. ISSN: 2070-0237 (Print); 2070-0245 (Online). All rights reserved.  doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.3329/jsr.v4i2.7475 J. Sci. Res. 4 (2), 491-497 (2012)  


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  • 2012