Outcomes Following an Early Parenting Center Residential Parenting Program Academic Article uri icon


  • Outcomes for maternal well-being and behavior as well as difficult child behavior following participation in a 5-day early parenting center residential parenting program were explored. Participants were 44 mothers and their children, the majority presenting with child sleeping difficulties. Data were collected at four stages: intake (2-4 weeks prior to the program), the first day of the program, the last day of the program, and 4 weeks after the program. Measures included questionnaires, monitoring sheets, and videotaped observations of parent- child interactions. Improvements were seen in mothers' behavior during parent-child interaction over the week they attended the program. Maternal symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress were lower after the program. The perceived frequency and seriousness of maternal reported difficult child behavior decreased over the measurement period, and 52% of parents had achieved 80% or more of their behavioral goal for their children. Implications for future research in early parenting centers are discussed.

publication date

  • November 2009