“Dad! Let's go have a hit…”: Sources and types of support in female cricket players Academic Article uri icon


  • OBJECTIVES:To explore the different types of support and different support providers in female cricket players (n=101), and to understand whether these support types or providers differ relative to level of skill expertise. METHOD:A quantitative questionnaire (developed as a part of a broader Australian Research Council Linkage project) was distributed to participants through involvement with a national sporting organisation. Descriptive trends across support types for each provider were explored for the total cohort of athletes (as relative percentages) and community and elite differences were explored using chi-squared analyses (p<0.05). RESULTS:Mothers and fathers were primary givers of financial and emotional support (>70% for both parents across the entire cohort), mentors offered meaningful sport specific informational and technical (or coaching related) support and siblings and peers played integral roles acting as fellow participants for practice and play. Access to coaching also emerged as a dominant point of difference between community and elite cricket players consistently across all support providers (p<0.05). The father emerged as a dominant provider of support for elite players across five different dimensions of support (p<0.05). CONCLUSION:Several characteristics related to support provider and support type for female players were consistent with male players (general parental financial and emotional support provision and access to quality coaching present across all support providers). A key outcome from this study was evidence of the specific role that fathers play in the development of elite female cricket players.

publication date

  • 2020