Locally compact groups with closed subgroups open and p-adic Academic Article uri icon


  • An open subgroup U of a topological group G is always closed, since U is the complement of the open set . An arbitrary closed subgroup C of G is almost never open, unless G belongs to a small family of exceptional groups. In fact, if G is a locally compact abelian group in which every non-trivial subgroup is open, then G is the additive group δp of p-adic integers or the additive group Ωp of p-adic rationale (cf. Robertson and Schreiber[5[, proposition 7). The fact that δp has interesting properties as a topological group has many roots. One is that its character group is the Prüfer group ℤp, which makes it unique inside the category of compact abelian groups. But even within the bigger class of not necessarily abelian compact groups the p-adic group δp is distinguished: it is the only one all of whose non-trivial subgroups are isomorphic (cf. Morris and Oates-Williams[2[), and it is also the only one all of whose non-trivial closed subgroups have finite index (cf. Morris, Oates-Williams and Thompson [3[).

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  • September 1995