Tungsten carbonyl complexes with dithiocarbamate ligands Academic Article uri icon


  • The orange seven-coordinate complexes W(S2CNR2)2(CO)3 (R = Me, Et) have been prepared by the reaction of WBr2(CO)4 and NaS2CNR2.�The tricarbonyl complexes were converted into the coordinatively unsaturated complexes W(S2CNR2)2(CO)2 by reflux in methanol. The compounds provide a new route into carbonyl dithiocarbamato complexes of tungsten and their reactions with various N- and P-donor ligands have given the new complexes W(S2CNR2)2(CO)2L (R = Me,Et; L = NH2NHMe, NH2NMe2, NH3, NH2NHCOPh, C5H5N, NH2NHSO2C6H4Me, PPh3) and bridged species [W(S2CNR2)2(CO)2]2-.μ-B (B = N2H4, NH2CH2CH2NH2). The synthesis and the 1H n.m.r, and infrared spectra of the compounds are presented and discussed. The electronic spectra of W(S2CNR2)2(CO)3 and W(S2CNR2)2(CO)2 are also reported.

publication date

  • 1982