Australian gay and bisexual men who use condoms, prep or rarely practise HIV risk reduction with casual sex partners: an analysis of national, behavioural surveillance data, 2017–2018 Academic Article uri icon


  • Recent increases in the availability of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) internationally have widened the range of HIV prevention strategies available to gay and bisexual men. This paper aimed to quantify the use of different risk reduction strategies and compare characteristics of men who rarely use any strategies with those who regularly use condoms or PrEP. Using national cross-sectional data from the Gay Community Periodic Surveys in Australia, comparisons were made between regular condom users (37.1% of participants), PrEP users (50.1%), and men who infrequently used any risk reduction strategies (12.8%). The proportion of gay and bisexual men reporting infrequent use of HIV risk reduction strategies has decreased in recent years. These men reported less frequent high-risk sexual practices than PrEP users and also reported less recent HIV testing than either PrEP or condom users. Men who infrequently use HIV risk reduction strategies should be encouraged to test for HIV more regularly and to utilise prevention strategies that align with their infrequent high-risk behaviour.

publication date

  • 2020