Launching plasmonic Bloch waves with excited dye molecules Academic Article uri icon


  • In this paper, we will demonstrate that excited dye molecules can be used to launch the plasmonic Bloch waves (PBWs) propagating at multi-metal-dielectric interfaces. The properties of the PBWs, such as wavevectors, propagating bands, the interface and grating period effect, were characterized by a leakage radiation microscope. Theoretical simulations were also carried out to reveal the properties of the PBWs and were consistent with the experimental results. What is more, experimental results reveal an interesting phenomenon: the PBWs launched by the excited dye molecules present different optical behaviors from those launched by far-field laser beams through attenuated total reflection. The mechanism of this difference was analyzed based on the energy conversion between the optical near-field and far-field. Our work provides a new way to launch the PBWs. Further, the coupling between the dye molecules and PBWs also demonstrates a new method to manipulate the fluorescence emission from random to controllable.


  • Chen, YK
  • Zhang, DG
  • Wang, XX
  • Liu, C
  • Wang, P
  • Ming, H

publication date

  • November 30, 2012