The generic classification of the Australian Harpactorinae (Heteroptera : Reduviidae) Academic Article uri icon


  • Thirty genera of Harpactorinae (Reduviidae) are recognised from Australia. Three are described as new: Neoveledella, Neohavinthus and A ustrovelinus. The following synonymies are made: Penthikocleptes Miller, 1958a with Trachylestes Stil, 1868; Dorrigocoris Miller, 1957 and Leana Miller, 1958 with Gminatus Stll, 1859; Magneticocoris Miller, 1957 with Poecilosphodrus Reuter, 1887; Parischnolestes Miller, 1957 with Zschnolestes StiI, 1866. A generic key is given together with a description including illustrations of major characters and type species citations for each genus. All described species, including synonyms and type repositories are listed under appropriate genera. With the exception of Austrarcesius Miller, Scipinia Stll, Veledella Bergroth, Euagoras Burmeister, Helonotus Amyot and Serville, Pristhesancus Amyot and Serville and Coranus Curtis, all genera are endemic to Australia including Tasmania.

publication date

  • 1990