Revision of Australian Cleradini (Heteroptera: Lygaeidae) Academic Article uri icon


  • The following new genera and species are described: Arcleda, gen. nov. (type-species Clerada ferruginea Horvath, 1909), A. fusca, sp. nov. and A. magna, sp. nov.; Austroclerada, gen. nov. (type-species A. neboissi, sp. nov.), A. victoriensis, sp. nov.; Laticlerada, gen. nov. (type-species Clerada laticollis Horvath, 1909). L. monteithi, sp. nov., L. naumanni. sp. nov., L. cairnsensis, sp. nov.; Neoclerada, gen. nov. (type-species N. westraliensis. sp. nov.), N. insulicola, sp. nov.; Paramahisa. gen. nov. (type-species Clerada rufangula Bergroth, 1895). P. cantrelli, sp. nov., P. exigua, sp. nov., P. queenslandensis, sp. nov., P. leai, sp. nov.. P. bicolorata, sp. nov., P. pallida, sp. nov., P. trimaculata, sp. nov. The following new combinations are made: Clerada setulosa Horvath, 1909 to Paramahisa: Clerada nidicola Bergroth, 1914, to Laticlerada; Cleradafulvicornis Horvath, 1914, and Clerada hirsuta Usinger, 1942, to Harmostica Bergroth. In addition to those listed above the following species have been redescribed: Clerada apicicornis Signoret, 1863; C, noctua Distant, 1901. C. bipunctata Horvath, 1909. Mahisa ceromatica Distant, 1906, and Harmostica ornata (Distant. 1903). A lectotype has been designated for Laticlerada nidicola. Keys to genera and species and a brief discussion on the general distribution of the Australian Cleradini are provided.

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  • 1981

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