Effects of central infusion of ANG II and losartan on the cardiac baroreflex in rabbits Academic Article uri icon


  • The effect of chronic activation or inhibition of central ANG II receptors on cardiac baroreflex function in conscious normotensive rabbits was examined. Animals received a fourth ventricular (4V) infusion of ANG II (30 and 100 ng/h), losartan (3 and 30 μg/h), or Ringer solution (2 μl/h) for 2 wk. After 1 and 2 wk, ANG II (100 ng/h) decreased cardiac baroreflex gain by 20 and 37%, respectively ( P = 0.015), whereas losartan (30 μg/h) increased baroreflex gain by 24 and 58%, respectively ( P = 0.02). Within 1 wk of the end of the infusions, cardiac baroreflex gain had returned to control. Ringer solution or the lower doses of ANG II or losartan did not modify the cardiac baroreflex function. Blood pressure and heart rate were not altered by any treatment, nor was their variability affected. These data demonstrate a novel long-term modulation of cardiac baroreflexes by endogenous ANG II that is independent of blood pressure level.

publication date

  • February 1, 2000