The Attitude of the Orthodox Parishioners Toward Euthanasia: Evidence From Georgia Academic Article uri icon


  • Background The right of euthanasia is the subject of worldwide discussion today, as it is one of the most controversial medical, religious, political, or ethical issues. This study aims to survey the attitudes of Orthodox parishioners toward the euthanasia. Methods: Within the quantitative study, the survey was conducted through a semistructured questionnaire. Respondents were the parishioners of the Orthodox Church. Within the qualitative study, the survey of the experts of the Orthodox Church, in particular the clergy, was conducted. During the survey of the experts, we used the snowball method. Results The majority of respondents (81%) were aware of euthanasia. The dominant opinion is that euthanasia is “ the consent to life termination during the illness, when there is no way out and recovery is impossible” or “ a terminally ill person voluntarily decides to end life painlessly.” Those who disagree with euthanasia rely on the religious factors (why the church prohibits it). Those who agree with euthanasia action argue the legitimate human rights and free will of person. Most of the respondents (86%) have not heard about euthanasia practices in Georgia. Most of the respondents (71%) knew that the Orthodox Church prohibits euthanasia; 39% of the respondents believe that euthanasia is justified in medical terms. Conclusion It is advisable to raise public awareness on euthanasia in religious, medical, cultural, social, and legal aspects.


publication date

  • January 2019