A lineage of diploid platelet-forming cells precedes polyploid megakaryocyte formation in the mouse embryo Academic Article uri icon


  • Key Points The first embryonic platelets are produced by a unique lineage of diploid cells not polyploid MKs. Diploid platelet-forming cells are produced in the early mouse embryo via a progenitor cell–independent pathway.


  • Potts, Kathryn S
  • Sargeant, Tobias J
  • Markham, John F
  • Shi, Wei
  • Biben, Christine
  • Josefsson, Emma C
  • Whitehead, Lachlan W
  • Rogers, Kelly L
  • Liakhovitskaia, Anna
  • Smyth, Gordon K
  • Kile, Benjamin T
  • Medvinsky, Alexander
  • Alexander, Warren S
  • Hilton, Douglas J
  • Taoudi, Samir

publication date

  • October 23, 2014

published in