An overview of the serpin superfamily Academic Article uri icon


  • Serpins are a broadly distributed family of protease inhibitors that use a conformational change to inhibit target enzymes. They are central in controlling many important proteolytic cascades, including the mammalian coagulation pathways. Serpins are conformationally labile and many of the disease-linked mutations of serpins result in misfolding or in pathogenic, inactive polymers.


  • Law, Ruby HP
  • Zhang, Qingwei
  • McGowan, Sheena
  • Buckle, Ashley M
  • Silverman, Gary A
  • Wong, Wilson
  • Rosado, Carlos J
  • Langendorf, Chris G
  • Pike, Rob N
  • Bird, Philip I
  • Whisstock, James C

publication date

  • 2006