Head and body space to left and right, front and rear—I. Unidirectional competitive auditory stimulation Academic Article uri icon


  • Very substantial right ear advantages (REAs) and right side advantages (RSAs) are reported for vocal shadowing latencies to laterally presented competitive verbal stimuli from a single earphone or loudspeaker. When head and body hemispace were dissociated by inducing a 90 degree head turn, with presentations either lateral or front-back with respect to the body, RSAs and REAs vanished, indicating that stimuli neither in the head nor in the body hemispace alone appear capable of generating any lateral asymmetries. However, a front-of-body (but not front-of-head) superiority compared with the rear was obtained. Most importantly, a powerful ventriloquism effect was obtained whereby a laterally placed dummy loudspeaker produced "pseudo"-RSAs with anterior-posterior-located sound sources. This suggests that it is the perceived position of a sound source rather than its actual position or ear of entry which determines asymmetries.

publication date

  • 1983