Revision of Australian Geocoris Fallén and Stylogeocoris Montandon (Heteroptera : Lygaeidae : Geocorinae) Academic Article uri icon


  • The Australian geocorine genera (Geocoris FallĂ©n, Stylogeocoris Montandon and Germalus St aring l) are redefined and keyed, and a species-level revision of the first two named genera is undertaken. All known species are redescribed and the following new species described: Geocoris woodwardi, G. victoriensis, G. asetosus, G. borealis and Stylogeocoris maculatus. Geocoris hakeae Eyles is synonymised with Stylogeocoris biroi Montandon, the type species of Stylogeocoris. Three species of Geocoris (G. capricornutus Kirkaldy, G. convivus Distant and G. elongatus Distant) are transferred to Stylogeocoris.

publication date

  • 1994