High-efficiency zone-plate optics for multi-keV X-ray focusing Academic Article uri icon


  • High-efficiency nanofocusing of hard X-rays using stacked multilevel Fresnel zone plates with a smallest zone width of 200 nm is demonstrated. The approach is to approximate the ideal parabolic lens profile with two-, three-, four- and six-level zone plates. By stacking binary and three-level zone plates with an additional binary zone plate, the number of levels in the optical transmission function was doubled, resulting in four- and six-level profiles, respectively. Efficiencies up to 53.7% focusing were experimentally obtained with 6.5 keV photons using a compact alignment apparatus based on piezoelectric actuators. The measurements have also been compared with numerical simulations to study the misalignment of the two zone plates.


  • Mohacsi, I
  • Karvinen, P
  • Vartiainen, I
  • Guzenko, VA
  • Somogyi, A
  • Kewish, CM
  • Mercere, P
  • David, C

publication date

  • 2014