High resolution double-sided diffractive optics for hard X-ray microscopy Academic Article uri icon


  • The fabrication of high aspect ratio metallic nanostructures is crucial for the production of efficient diffractive X-ray optics in the hard X-ray range. We present a novel method to increase their structure height via the double-sided patterning of the support membrane. In transmission, the two Fresnel zone plates on the two sides of the substrate will act as a single zone plate with added structure height. The presented double-sided zone plates with 30 nm smallest zone width offer up to 9.9% focusing efficiency at 9 keV, that results in a factor of two improvement over their previously demonstrated single-sided counterparts. The increase in efficiency paves the way to speed up X-ray microscopy measurements and allows the more efficient utilization of the flux in full-field X-ray microscopy.


  • Mohacsi, I
  • Vartiainen, I
  • Guizar-Sicairos, M
  • Karvinen, P
  • Guzenko, VA
  • Müller, E
  • Färm, E
  • Ritala, M
  • Kewish, CM
  • Somogyi, A
  • David, C

publication date

  • 2015

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