Ptychographic characterization of the wavefield in the focus of reflective hard X-ray optics Academic Article uri icon


  • A technique for quantitatively characterizing the complex-valued focal wavefield of arbitrary optics is described and applied to reconstructing the coherent focused beam produced by a reflective/diffractive hard X-ray mirror. This phase-retrieval method, based on ptychography, represents an important advance in X-ray optics characterization because the information obtained and potential resolution far exceeds that accessible to methods of directly probing the focus. Ptychography will therefore be well-suited for characterizing and aligning future nanofocusing X-ray optics.


  • Kewish, Cameron M
  • Thibault, Pierre
  • Dierolf, Martin
  • Bunk, Oliver
  • Menzel, Andreas
  • Vila-Comamala, Joan
  • Jefimovs, Konstantins
  • Pfeiffer, Franz

publication date

  • March 2010