Development of fast, simultaneous and multi-technique scanning hard X-ray microscopy at Synchrotron Soleil Academic Article uri icon


  • A distributed fast-acquisition system for synchronized multi-technique experiments is presented, in which the collection of metadata and the asynchronous merging of large data volumes from multiple detectors are managed as part of the data collection process. This fast continuous scanning scheme, named FLYSCAN, enables measurement of microscopy data on a timescale of milliseconds per pixel. Proof-of-principle multi-technique experiments, namely scanning X-ray fluorescence spectrometry combined with absorption, differential phase contrast and dark-field imaging, have been performed on biological and geological samples.


  • Medjoubi, K
  • Leclercq, N
  • Langlois, F
  • Buteau, A
  • Lé, S
  • Poirier, S
  • Mercère, P
  • Sforna, MC
  • Kewish, CM
  • Somogyi, A

publication date

  • 2013