Wedged multilayer Laue lens Academic Article uri icon


  • A multilayer Laue lens (MLL) is an x-ray focusing optic fabricated from a multilayer structure consisting of thousands of layers of two different materials produced by thin-film deposition. The sequence of layer thicknesses is controlled to satisfy the Fresnel zone plate law and the multilayer is sectioned to form the optic. An improved MLL geometry can be created by growing each layer with an in-plane thickness gradient to form a wedge, so that every interface makes the correct angle with the incident beam for symmetric Bragg diffraction. The ultimate hard x-ray focusing performance of a wedged MLL has been predicted to be significantly better than that of a nonwedged MLL, giving subnanometer resolution with high efficiency. Here, we describe a method to deposit the multilayer structure needed for an ideal wedged MLL and report our initial deposition results to produce these structures.


  • Conley, Ray
  • Liu, Chian
  • Qian, Jun
  • Kewish, Cameron M
  • Macrander, Albert T
  • Yan, Hanfei
  • Kang, Hyon Chol
  • Maser, Jörg
  • Stephenson, G Brian

publication date

  • May 2008