Noninterferometric quantitative phase imaging with soft x rays Academic Article uri icon


  • We demonstrate quantitative noninterferometric x-ray phase-amplitude measurement. We present results from two experimental geometries. The first geometry uses x rays diverging from a point source to produce high-resolution holograms of submicrometer-sized objects. The measured phase of the projected image agrees with the geometrically determined phase to within +/-7%. The second geometry uses a direct imaging microscope setup that allows the formation of a magnified image with a zone-plate lens. Here a direct measure of the object phase is made and agrees with that of the magnified object to better than +/-10%. In both cases the accuracy of the phase is limited by the pixel resolution.


  • Allman, Brendan E
  • McMahon, Phillip J
  • Tiller, Justine B
  • Nugent, Keith A
  • Paganin, David
  • Barty, Anton
  • McNulty, Ian
  • Frigo, Sean P
  • Wang, Yuxin
  • Retsch, Cornelia C

publication date

  • October 1, 2000

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