Focusing and collimation of X rays using microchannel plates: An experimental investigation Academic Article uri icon


  • Focusing and collimation of 8 keV x rays has been demonstrated using microchannel plate (MCP) blanks with cylindrical channels. The focusing effect arises from total external reflection of x rays at the interior surfaces of the channels of a MCP and has been described previously by the authors. Point to point focusing was observed with flat and curved MCPs, and collimation from a point source to a quasi-parallel beam was observed with a curved MCP. Intensity profiles at the image plane and at other planes behind a flat MCP were obtained for a 20 × 40 μm2 x-ray source, and agree well with theoretical predictions. The flux in a 40-μm-diameter collector in the image plane was compared with the flux in the same plane, but without a MCP. The relative gain in flux increases linearly with the source to MCP distance, as predicted. A maximum relative gain in flux of 18 ± 1 was observed for a source to detector distance of 50 cm.

publication date

  • June 1990