Performance of the Baxter Infusor LV10 under hyperbaric conditions Academic Article uri icon


  • Introduction

    Elastomeric drug delivery devices are a simple way to provide long-term IV therapy to patients in the outpatient setting. Patients receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy occasionally need these devices. This study compared the performance of the Baxter infusor LV10 elastomeric device in repetitive conditions at pressures of 101.3 kPa and 243 kPa.


    Ten Baxter infusor LV10 elastomeric devices were pressurised in a hyperbaric chamber to 243 kPa over a two-hour period consistent with a standard medical treatment run. This process was repeated 10 times for each device giving a total of 20 hours under pressure. The fluid delivered by each device was measured and the device weighed at the end of each pressurisation. Ten control devices containing identical drugs were tested in the same manner at 101.3 kPa over the same time period.


    No significant differences in output of the devices were observed between hyperbaric and control conditions. The flow rates measured in both study groups were 35% lower than the manufacturer's stated flow rate, possibly due to lower test environment temperature and outdated devices used in the tests.


    Despite lower than expected flow rates, this study demonstrated no significant difference in the delivery rate of the Baxter infusor LV10 under 243 kPa hyperbaric conditions compared with room pressure.

publication date

  • 2015